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British Columbia is our home base.

Sparrow is a station-based electric scooter sharing company headquartered in the South Okanagan of BC

We offer eco-friendly, secure, and enjoyable transportation options, in partnership with local hospitality businesses, to provide seamless travel and fun adventures. We prioritize local employment and enrich job opportunities for seasonal and essential workers, embodying our commitment to community and environmental responsibility.

Sparrow's station-based services benefit communities.

Clutter-free sidewalks

Sparrow's e-scooters are parked at racks conveniently dotted throughout the cities we serve. This "station-based" operating model keeps sidewalks free of the clutter and obstacles that create headaches for cities where companies operate free-floating services. We carefully position parking racks to ensure that sidewalks are accessible and safe for everyone.

Scooters where you need them.

No need to hunt around the city to track down a scooter—just head directly to a Sparrow station. With scooters dependably parked at designated stations, there's no guesswork, making every trip more reliable—whether it's your daily commute or a spontaneous adventure.

Efficient fleet management.

Station-based systems greatly simplify tracking and maintaining e-scooter fleets. This operational efficiency translates into more reliable service for users, enhanced safety, prompt customer service, and responsiveness to changing needs in the community.

Sparrow Nests

We've joined forces with local businesses and hotels in the cities we serve to position our e-scooter "nests" right where the action is. 

This gives you easy access to eco-friendly travel—and also drops you at the doorstep of the best local shopping spots. It's our way of inviting you, especially if you're visiting, to discover and support the unique businesses that give our communities their charm.

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